New Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps 2-Box with 1 FREE box of MTW Intense Moisturizing Reishi Premier Face Mask View larger

Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps 2-Box with 1 FREE MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream

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  • 2 x Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps (60 sachets /box)
  • Free Gift: 1 x MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream (enhanced formula, 125 g)

MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream is infused with CoQ10, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and double the amount of reishi extract (compared to our original formula), which will reveal natural, vibrant and radiant skin.

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Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps


Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps is made with high quality Cordyceps sinensis mycelia. Advanced Japanese technology and the hot water-extraction method produce a health supplement with excellent benefits. It can be especially helpful with issues such as:#


  • The effects of ongoing stress
  • Constant exhaustion
  • Restless nights due to insomnia
  • Frequent absent-mindedness
  • Over consumption of tobacco or alcohol
  • High susceptibility to coughs and colds due to a weakened immune system
  • Continually being in a state of sub-health*



* The WHO defines the condition of sub-health as the state between optimal health and illness. Individuals suffering from this condition (while not diagnosed with a specific illness) may experience several symptoms. The symptoms of sub-health can include (but are not limited to): general physical weakness, being prone to catching colds or getting the flu, chronic fatigue, and a lack of concentration. Left untreated, sub-health can lead to more serious conditions as the body’s immune system weakens and becomes more vulnerable to pathogens.

# This statement hs not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




  • Uses high quality Cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS4 as raw material which is safe and reliable
  • Contains all natural ingredients with no heavy metals, pesticides, or artificial coloring
  • Contains highly potent active ingredients for maximum efficacy
  • Can be consumed daily with no side effects or drug interactions
  • Are packaged in convenient individual foil sachets to protect against humidity and oxidation
  • The strict quality control, which meets the Japanese GMP regulatory standards, ensures high product quality
  • Each box contains more than 22.5g of Cordyceps essence




- Cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS4



- Take 1 – 2 sachets (5-10 Cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS4 balls) a day with warm water.



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