Mikei Red Reishi Essence 2-Box with 1 FREE box of MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream View larger

Mikei Red Reishi Essence 2-Box with 1 FREE box of MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream

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  • 2 x Mikei Red Reishi Essence (60 caps/box)
  • Free Gift: 1 x MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream (enhanced formula, 125 g)

MTW Premium Reishi Body Cream (enhanced formula) is infused with CoQ10, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and double the amount of reishi extract (compared to our original formula), which will reveal natural, vibrant and radiant skin. This rich and quick-absorbing body cream delivers deep hydration leaving your skin soft, supple and smooth.

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Mikei Red Reishi Essence (Capsules)


Each MIKEI Red Reishi capsule contains extremely concentrated Red Reishi essence extracted (16.6:1 extract) from mature, superior-grade Red Reishi mushrooms  using the most advanced hot water extraction method.


The hot water extraction method involves taking the best Red Reishi from the harvest and drying it under hot temperatures, removing all the moisture in the Reishi mushroom. The Reishi fruit body is then ground into powder and boiled in water to extract the essence juice. The juice will be boiled at least three times and then vacuum-dried to obtain the pure Red Reishi essence powder. The end product, MIKEI Red Reishi Essence, is easily absorbed by the human body when consumed in this state. In contrast, the majority of Reishi products in the marketplace are made with pulverised or unrefined mushrooms from immature and inferior grade Reishi, greatly limiting their absorption capabilities.


For maxium bioavailabilty, the Mayuzumi's have produced a high-grade extracted essence powder in an easy to swallow capsule form!




- Red Reishi Mushroom extract (200mg)
- Non-medicinal: dextrin, NPcaps™* capsule


*NPcaps™ are an all-natural, two-piece non-animal capsule suitable for addressing a variety of cultural and dietary requirements, including those of vegetarians, diabetics and patients with restricted diets.




- For preventive purposes: 1 - 2 capsules once daily.

- For individuals with health problems: 2-4 capsules twice daily.


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